LG PB63U vs AAXA LED Showtime – Who’s Fibbing on Lumens?

LG is one of those brands, the brands that do it all.  LG makes everything from cell phones to washing machines to fridges, and now projectors.  The PB63U is a decent projector for the price, from the looks of it.

It’s got 500 lumens, an astounding 15,000:1 contrast ratio, and a TV Antenna Input.  It has a nice looking design both on the outside and on it’s UI, which allows you to plug in any number of devices and output them right away.

One astounding thing is if you take a look at this comparison video online between the LG PB63U and the AAXA LED Showtime, there seems to be an astounding difference in the two.  The LED Showtime seems to be much brighter than the PB63U, even though the PB63U has 50 more lumens than the LED Showtime.

The issue of contrast ratio and color reproduction is a whole different thing, too.  The LG again seemed to struggle with even basic scenes, it made me wonder how this got past their QA team.  It also makes me wonder if the step up from this model is any better, considering it has a purported 700 lumens.

In the video below, the user played the same content on both units, and put them side by side to see the differences.  The differences are pretty night and day in some scenes, you can easily tell which unit is brighter.

The LED Showtime does a good job holding it’s own, and beats the LG in several videos, almost all of them infact.  We know that almost all manufacturers fib their numbers a little but LG has done it to such an extreme that I don’t want to buy another projector.

I have linked the video below so you can see for yourselves, it’s pretty astounding what the differences are between the two projectors.

Video Demo between the LG PB63U and the LED Showtime

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